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Sold Out‘s Mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% online student video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform to public and private schools.
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WELCOME STUDENTS to the SOLD OUT Student Success 101 Video Life Skills Program! Over 400 cool videos from high impact sports, entertainment, music, military, and educational champions equipping you with the critical life skills that prepare you for success in life!



Join thousands of students nationwide who have accepted the challenge to pursue their dreams and goals, while pledging to live daily alcohol and drug abstinent. Accountable to close friends, teachers, coaches, and parents.


Fitness Health and Wellness


We are excited to introduce you to our Fitness, Health, and Wellness Program! We must be intentional about our overall health. It’s critical to take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We are excited to offer you experts in all of these areas that will assist in equipping you to be your best. Ready to pursue your dreams and goals.

Fentanyl – One Pill Kills

“Any opportunity I can get to help families and tell my story to prevent other parents from having to endure this profound pain that my family has gone through. I am so grateful to partner with Roman Gabriel and Sold Out Youth Foundation as they continue to fight this ever growing crisis and drug epidemic that is plaguing our youth.”
Mahsa Yeager – Scottsdale Az / Parent of Daughter (Sahuaro HS) lost her life to Accidental Fentanyl Overdose


Sold Out is a comprehensive long term alcohol / drug abstinence program with immediate measurable results from students who respond to the Sold Out in School QR Code Pledge Poster. Linked directly to our online student three (3) step pledge, click link to see examples from thousands of student responses, Sold Out has a community strategy, partnering with local schools, law enforcement, parents, businesses, and community leaders. A proven video curriculum for educational training with the goal of supporting schools ( Middle, High School, Early College, Alternative), athletic programs, and community youth sports organizations. We offer valuable educational online mobile platforms that compliment PE/Health, athletic programs, and provides valuable tools for counseling, and alcohol drug aftercare programs. It is Sold Out’s mission to bring together our students, and their parents in order to have a constructive conversation in their home about underaged alcohol and drug abstinence, and mental emotional well being.

The Sold Out Program is directed at middle and high school students, early college, and at risk underserved communities. Serving private and public schools, home school associations, and youth / sports organizations. The program leverages role model mirroring, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential. The online platform delivers video assemblies, an intentional student alcohol abstinence challenge, video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education program. Including encouraging students to pursue team values, accountability, positive life choices, goal setting, and other critical life skills. Sold Out utilizes positive role models in the area of sports, entertainment, and education. The program is successfully utilized in PE/ health classes, sports and athletic departments, and as a valuable tool for school counselors.

The program’s fitness, health, and wellness curriculum block offers written college accredited courses, along with a unique complimentary student video program led by experts in the field of overall student wellness: Emotional and mental well-being, mental success, nutrition, exercise, and sports specific training. This program gives students the opportunity to receive college credit for learning experiences that take place outside the traditional college classroom. Students can apply Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits to a variety of degree programs.


“As someone who has a brother that struggles with drug abuse it’s very important to me to help people not do drugs because it’s scary having a brother that struggles with addiction, you just never know whats gonna happen.”


Elizabeth City Middle School

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Sold Out Pledge


The Sold Out School Program comes with an inspiring origin and story. In 2012 the DARE Program funding was cut by the federal government. Roman Gabriel was approached by a local Boone NC group of businessmen who were concerned about their children and grandchildren having no drug and alcohol education program. That group of committed men decided to donate the original funding to start the Sold Out Program in three local school districts. Quickly the program won the confidence of superintendents and principals alike, becoming one of the few outside programs allowed on junior high and high school campuses. And the only alcohol and drug abstinence program with immediate student feedback through the Sold Out Student in school QR code online pledge technology. Over 70 % of all middle schools students were participating in the Sold Out Drug and Alcohol Abstinence Pledge. Within three years Sold Out grew to over twenty North Carolina School Districts !

Fast forward to February 2019, when the whole world was turned upside down by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Schools closed down immediately, shutting down the Sold Out in school assembly program.

The future looked bleak as funding came to a sudden halt, and the foundation depends upon donations, sponsorships, and grants. Through that spring and summer we began to meet with the leadership of school districts we had served for many years. Partnering with those districts, they worked with us to develop an initial distance learning incarnation of the program. Through our webmaster, innovation and creative technology, Sold Out transitioned the in school assembly to an online assembly along with 100% online school follow up student video platform (see three main links at top of page). The new online program was met with enthusiasm from our school partners, and students.

In the fall of 2019 students through our online pledge began to tell us that they were struggling with anxiety and depression from the isolation of distance learning. From those concerns we began to focus our attention on how we could help students deal with the mental and emotional challenges. Born from that came our online Student Health and Wellness Curriculum.

Roman approached many of his professional and sports contacts, putting together a Dream Team of health and wellness professionals developing the current researched written and video courses. Directed to the current drug and alcohol, mental and emotional youth crisis we face today. Sold Out is definitely a Covid-19 success story. The program has now served schools in six (6) states : North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, California, and Arizona. Including the Official Drug and Alcohol Abstinence Program of the largest youth sports facility in the United States, Legacy Cares located at Legacy Sports USA at Bell Bank Park, in Mesa Arizona. For information on how your school district, home school association, or youth organization can establish the Sold Out Program: E-mail to or call 910-431-6483.



Utilizing several platforms through positive role model mirroring, accountability, and creating positive peer pressure to bring about positive student choices.


The Sold Out Program leverages the latest innovation and technology to deliver a fast, fun, interactive, and easy to use mobile delivery system. Presenting valuable video tools the way you like to get it, on your phone 365 a year!


“No one ever accomplishes something great alone, and what impresses me the most about Roman Gabriel and the Sold Out Youth Foundation is the ability to bring partners together to accomplish the vital mission of educating youth and parents about the dangers of drugs and addiction. As the saying goes “it takes a village,” and you are fantastic team builders.”
– Henry DeVries, columnist for, author of How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett 

Since 1997 Roman Gabriel III has worked in the public and private school arena, making it his life mission to serve and mentor youth through academics, and sports. As a media broadcaster, passionately telling the life-changing stories of high impact sports and entertainment personalities. Spreading the virtues of sports, and extra- curricular activities to youth, and the life skills learned through them.
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Since 2008, Roman is the President of the Sold Out Youth Foundation with the mission of equipping the next generation for success, sharing Good News, and challenging youth and family to reach their full potential ! Since 2012 Roman has operated the Sold Out School Alcohol / Drug Abstinence and Character Education Program, a ground-breaking student friendly public and private school program that uses sports, entertainment, and education through school internet technology to deliver a 365 student online platform designed for engagement on student’s mobile devices the way they like to learn, visually ! Executing alcohol / drug abstinence education, life skills training, and a full fitness, health, and wellness education program. Including assisting students with the mental and emotional challenges that have been elevated since the pandemic.

Roman is a former pro football quarterback, sports and entertainment media host, and established motivational speaker to schools, corporations, civic and faith organizations, and youth and sports initiatives.



“One of the goals at Legacy Cares is to impact youth, whether that be through sports or other programs like this, providing youth with programs to become well-rounded in every aspect of their lives is critical, so we are extremely excited to partner with Sold Out Youth Foundation to offer up this important program.”

-Douglas Moss

President, Legacy Cares at Bell Bank Park


“The Executive Next Practices Institute, our enterprise level leaders, and community principals are excited to support the Sold Out Youth Foundation (Roman Gabriel III ) through our Strategic Communications Summits. We see the Sold Out Youth Foundation programs as a natural way to involve students early in the right kind of initiatives for better long-term career success.”

-Scott Hamilton

CEO ENP Institute @ UC Irvine


“Thank you for coming to Manteo Middle School to speak with our 6th graders. Your message is powerful and every kid needs to hear it. Your (new) website provides very good tools for our students and staff. Our PE teachers are excited about utilizing this in their classrooms, particularly the goal setting platform.”

-Tami Harper

Principal, Manteo Middle School


“Sold Out was helpful because it taught me some ways on how to cope with COVID-19 and other helpful life tips.”


Student Western Harnett MS, NC


“I recommend “Sold Out Alcohol Abstinence Program” directed by Mr. Roman Gabriel. I have had an almost 50-year career in the Foreign Service, FBI, and U.S. Military, and have seen first hand how devastating alcohol and drug problems can be to our most vulnerable youth. Through the years, this program has proven to be successful in helping young people navigate their very difficult teen years. ”

-Rob Richards

Law Enforcement


Rotolo Chevy
Sold Out Youth Foundation



Sold Out ‘s mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% intentional interactive online video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. The Sold Out School Program is all about building trust between community, parents, and schools.


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