High Impact Communications Strategies Summit

Sold Out Youth Foundation

Friday, February 21st

High Impact Communications Strategies Summit

The Sold Out Youth Foundation mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering an intentional interactive video life skills education platform leveraging role model mirroring, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential. Sold Out Youth Foundation President Roman Gabriel is bringing his foundation to Southern California, specifically to Orange County. LEARN MORE at this event - Official Website at www.soldouttv.com

Proceeds go to the Sold Out Youth Foundation

Tickets can be purchased directly at the Executive Next Practices Institute website.

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Your contribution to the Sold Out Youth Foundation 501(c)(3) will benefit drug and alcohol abstinence education; Orange County California and nationwide. Fill out this form to become a sponsor. (See Sponsorship details on brochure above.) Thank you for your support.

Sold Out Youth Foundation

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Educate, Encourage, & Challenge Students to Live a Life of Alcohol & Drug Abstinence

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