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Innovative educational technology company Gnosis IQ is partnering with the Sold Out Youth Foundation to further combat underaged alcohol and drug use.

This opioid and substance crisis is stealing the lives of so many teenagers in America.

Effective immediately, all students, parents, and administrators using Gnosis IQ have the capability to electronically sign the Sold Out Youth Foundation Pledge, challenging students to abstain from drugs and alcohol on a daily basis.

This offers parents the opportunity to support and talk to their students about the importance of living an alcohol and drug abstinent lifestyle. Sold Out will also be offering schools (Public, Private, and Home School) and youth organizations the opportunity to sign up now for the entire comprehensive PLA college accredited fentanyl education curriculum and and drug and alcohol abstinence online platform. The program provides life saving researched information that educates, encourages, and challenges school staff, parents, students, and community year round


Gnosis IQ and The Sold Out Foundation Unite to Wage War Against Underaged Drug and Alcohol Use

In a monumental move towards a brighter future, Gnosis IQ proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with The Sold Out Youth Foundation. This alliance marks a pivotal moment in the battle against underaged alcohol and drug use, a menace that has plagued the lives of countless American teenagers.

Empowering Digital Transformation

Effective immediately, all Gnosis IQ-affiliated schools across the nation are empowered to digitally sign the Sold Out Student Accountable Alcohol & Drug Abstinence Pledge. This innovative approach harnesses technology to encourage daily commitment to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle among students.

A Shared Mission for a Better Tomorrow

Gnosis IQ, renowned for its cutting-edge diagnostic program, now joins forces with The Sold Out Youth Foundation, whose mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to embrace a life of alcohol and drug abstinence.

Parental Involvement and Support

This partnership extends an invaluable opportunity to parents. Through Gnosis IQ, they can actively engage in conversations about this critical issue, fostering open dialogues with their children and ensuring a strong support system.

Transforming Education

The Sold Out Youth Foundation introduces a groundbreaking PLA college-accredited Fentanyl Education Curriculum. This online platform equips school staff, parents, and students with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat the opioid crisis effectively.

Words from the Leaders

“Gnosis IQ is excited to offer our game-changing diagnostic program in conjunction with Sold Out’s comprehensive and effective online drug and alcohol abstinence initiative.”
Ben Smith

CEO of Gnosis IQ

“Sold Out strives to educate, encourage, and challenge students to be passionate and hopeful about reaching their full potential. This partnership with Gnosis IQ and their groundbreaking diagnostic technology allows us to take our comprehensive school curriculum and online platform to the next level.”
Roman Gabriel

President, Sold Out Youth Foundation

About Gnosis IQ

Gnosis IQ is a visionary educational technology company dedicated to enhancing student learning experiences. Our mission is to make education accessible, efficient, and engaging, all while providing schools with the critical feedback and statistical support necessary for students to excel academically, mentally, and emotionally. We offer a comprehensive range of services and products, including analytics tools, digital journaling, academic data management, LMS integration, interactive educational content, and ongoing research and development.

Joining Hands for a Brighter Future

In addition to our pioneering technology, Gnosis IQ collaborates with diverse organizations to expand our reach and impact, particularly in initiatives related to public health and well-being.

Together, Gnosis IQ and The Sold Out Youth Foundation are writing a new chapter in the fight against underaged drug and alcohol use. By harnessing technology, fostering community engagement, and nurturing our youth, we aim to build a healthier, more responsible future generation.

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Gnosis IQ

Gnosis IQ is a groundbreaking and exciting educational technology company that focuses on leveraging innovative technologies to enhance student learning experiences. Its mission is to make education more accessible, efficient, and engaging through its platform, while providing schools with critical feedback and statistical support to help students reach their full potential academically, mentally, and emotionally. The company offers a range of services and products designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, including K-12 schools and higher education.

These services include:

  • Analytics tools to track student performance – Digital journaling to support student wellness
  • Consolidated academic data management – LMS integration – Interactive educational content and more!
  • Research and development staying at the forefront of the educational technology sector.
  • In addition to our groundbreaking technology, Gnosis IQ maintains partnerships with various organizations to further its reach and impact, including initiatives related to public health and well-being.
Sold Out Youth Foundation


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