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Our pledge is to provide a differentiated approach to the highest quality continuing education learning options available. Content is designed for students of all kinds.

Those seeking a college entry strategy, a promotion, a new career, ensuring a value contrition in an existing position, or just enhancing skills, Envisage Global in partnership with Universities along with best-in-class industry and individual experts, can provide the solution. Learn More.

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The Executive Next Practices Forum is an established network of FORTUNE 5000 C Level and key executive leaders (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, HR) who meet to review “first look” innovations in business and leadership strategies. Our unique and highly collaborative sessions are held in a non-solicitation environment to encourage leaders to engage, create and build powerful business relationships. Our members and guests meet globally and regionally in both live and virtual settings. Learn More.

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Proactive SEO Solutions is a digital marketing agency serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and clients around the nation, providing lead generating SEO, revenue minded PPC, dynamic web design, and an overall plan-of-attack to elevate your business. Learn More.

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Legacy Cares, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (#84-3520422) dedicated to providing athletes and non-athletes alike of all ages, economic backgrounds, and levels of athletic proficiency the opportunity to participate in sports while fostering the enjoyment and camaraderie of teamwork and perseverance, key components in athletic competition and lifetime success. Learn More.

Sold Out Youth Foundation



Sold Out ‘s mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% intentional interactive online video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. The Sold Out School Program is all about building trust between community, parents, and schools.


Sold Out Youth Foundation
9 Kingfisher Trail
Southern Shores, NC 27949
Telephone: (910) 431-6483

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