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“Thank you so much for sharing the Sold Out Program with our students. We really appreciate it, looking forward to using the curriculum and resources with our students and staff.”

Miya Thomas

Guidance Counselor, Dunn Middle School, NC

***For school districts looking to access password protected-curriculums, please email

Sold Out Youth Foundation


Welcome to the Sold Out Online Alcohol and Drug Abstinence Education Platform and Curriculum. For ten years Sold Out has been delivering a 365 comprehensive learning platform that effectively comes alongside school computer curriculums. Delivering college accredited alcohol and drug education curriculum choices, and a powerful student video learning platform. Our program tools are being effectively utilized by public and private school districts across our nation: In Health / PE Classes, Home room, athletic programs, after school programs, counseling, homework, and parental and community engagement.

Attached below is this years Sold Out Program school pro-forma and outline. We look forward to serving you, and continuing to provide vital life saving content for school staffs, parents, students, and community. Thank you for all you do for your students. Please feel free to contact us with any questions E mail:

Sold Out‘s Mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a comprehensive Fentanyl Program, 100% online student video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform to public and private schools.

Sold Out’s Purpose: To provide critical life-saving student online drug and alcohol abstinence education, Fentanyl Education, and student life skills information for school staff, students, and parents. Starting a discussion about this dangerous drug in order to protect our students and their families. Fentanyl is now the number # 1 Killer of teenagers in our country. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation, stigma, and ignorance surrounding Fentanyl, but comprehensive education will equip our schools and communities with vital facts that will save lives.

Sold Out Online Program Features: Sustainability, measurable results, computer friendly curriculum, turn key, flexible online visual learning, life skills training, risk mitigation, counselor training, staff and parental engagement. Students miss little to no classroom time. Official website at Sold Out addresses the fentanyl crisis, offering a powerful PLA College Accredited Fentanyl Education Curriculum Lesson with teachers guide, researched tools, video and web information page, school staff information portal, providing critical up to date education for students, parents, and school staff. Supported by a powerful high school athletic community media strategy. . Student response and school testimonials at

“The Sold Out School Program is heaven sent for school districts. “Sold Out” is a one stop shop of curriculum-based program, filled with knowledge, videos and other materials for our schools…. It really eases my mind to know that my students, staff, and administrators will be taken care of by being provided the knowledge needed to make better and informed decisions about drugs (Fentanyl) and their overall health.”
Montez K. Bishop Sr., MPA

Director of Student Services / Bertie County Public Schools, NC

I just want to start off by saying thank you for making our district and our city aware of the Sold Out Online Program that you have developed and continue to update. It was a quick turnaround for those of us here in the trenches, but I am really excited about what we were able to deliver to our students, parents and the staff members that saw the online presentation and videos.”
Cindy Weber

Counselor , Fontana Middle School, Fontana Unified School District, California

Sold Out does not tell schools how to run the program. Our flexible teaching program and platform offers proven suggestions based on positive execution feedback from private and public school staffs, and students in six multiple states. The program curriculum and online platform is risk mitigating, content driven, student video friendly, and can be executed successfully in several different iterations (see below).


Program Priority: 1. School Staff / Administration 2. Parents 3. Students

1. ZOOM MEETING (30 Minutes) – Teachers / Counselors walk through program tools and program execution plan
School Staff Proforma and Program Outline (Resource: Additional content, resources, and instruction tools for teachers and counselors throughout the year)  ***For school districts looking to access password protected-curriculums, please email

2. Sold Out Student Pledge Posters go up in school high traffic areas before student program
(Posters up for entirety of school year so all students have access and can participate)

  • School JPEG Pledge Poster (Below) for homepage of school website (For entire school year)
  • After we receive your students feedback through pledge engagement, we can share with your school counselors within 2-4 days of execution
  • PDF Printable Flyer for in school posting in student high traffic areas
Example of Student Pledge Response

School: Dixon HS
Student: Page
What did you think: I never realized how dangerous drugs could be until Sold Out told us about Fentanyl. I now know that drugs can be a dangerous thing and you shouldn’t trust people telling you to take a random drug that they claim is something helpful because it may as well be Fentanyl

This is JPEG version for the homepage of your School Websites (stays up permanently moving forward)

Take the Pledge


PARENTAL LETTER NOTICE (Letter Attached Below) School point of contact send e mail notice home to parents at least one week before execution of student virtual assembly. Educating parents on Fentanyl, student drug and alcohol abstinence. The goal is to get all parties educated with accurate information, and encouraging parents to have a conversation with their students on this critical matter. – Letter includes valuable education links to the Sold Out Online Fentanyl Understanding Program, and student alcohol / drug abstinence pledge page.
“I watched the Sold Out Alcohol Abstinence presentation for First Flight Middle School, where my daughter is a student. After viewing the online program together, we discussed the content, she took the pledge immediately after finishing ! ……. I am a proud mom with an equally proud student! I highly recommend the Sold Out Program as a regular, integrated program for Dare County Students to learn and grow!
Joan Brindley

Parent, First Flight Middle School, NC

3. Parental Letter goes out through school e mail to parents at least one week before student program is executed

  • Parental Drug and Alcohol Education Platform Link goes out with parental letter. A permanent resource for all parents to educate themselves and prepare for a conversation with their students about drugs and alcohol after the students return home from your classroom presentation ***For school districts looking to access password protected-curriculums, please email

4. Set a date for execution of in School Classroom Sold Out Student Program Presentation and Follow Up

  • 12:45 (Student Program Engagement Classroom Presentation)
  • Sold Out Student Introduction Virtual Assembly – Video (Link above) informing students all about the Sold Out Platform, summary to educate and familiarize students, and school staff on accessing various tools and resources made available on the official website
  • Execution options: In home room, PE/health class, elective class, and or homework assignment, etc. (Sold Out works with schools to plan execution date or week)
  • Focus Grades: Elementary 5th, Middle School (1st yr), High School (9th) (Program can be executed to all grades 4th through 12th


  • 1. Show the 12:45 second Student Instructional Video (Link above) *********( Reinforce to students the critical importance of this video/ that it could save their life or the life of a friend (GET THEIR ATTENTION )
  • 2. Immediately after the video, instruct students to access their devices and take the Student Alcohol Drug Abstinence Pledge ( Students go to Click on take the Sold Out Pledge or access QR code on Pledge Poster (5 minutes)
  • 3. Take 5-10 minutes and personally lead a discussion with your students asking them to respond to the five (5) important Fentanyl questions below (Reinforces what they witnessed in the video)
  Student Discussion Questions

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT : For additional student information on fentanyl point students to

Click on Fentanyl Education at top right of home page

5. Three (3) minute student reminder video to be shown to students in your next classroom opportunity (Overview of program platform and student tools) Video Link 3:00 (Shown to students a few days after initial video presentation)

6. Drug and Alcohol College Accredited Teaching Curriculum (Teachers Guide Inside) ***For school districts looking to access password protected-curriculums, please email

Fentanyl Education Classroom Curriculum 25-35 min (Find in link below)

Parental and Staff Curriculum


Sold Out Program Notes

  • Sold Out Website Program Tools- To be executed throughout the school year
  • Sold Out Student Pledge Posters: Physical PDF Pledge Poster and Online JPEG Poster (below)
  • Current Program Iterations: Home room, class room, elective classroom, homework, PE / Health, athletic programs, after school programs, summer school, PTA, SRO Program
  • Execution in conjunction with special programs like Red Ribbon Week (customized student pledge posters).



Student Health & Wellness Curriculum Portal 


Roman with Students


Staff Private Portal:

***For school districts looking to access password protected-curriculums, please email

  1.  Researched Drug and Alcohol Education Platform: Student Friendly Fentanyl Understanding, drugs and alcohol, vaping, student wellness, dangers of social networking, etc.
  2.  Parental Curriculum: Equipping parents on all aspects of teenage drug and alcohol engagement and prevention (At Home)
  3.  School and Parental Tools: Drug and alcohol resources, research facts, links, tools, video, discussion items, and skills application
  4. Share Fentanyl Education Dead on Arrival 7:00 minute video with parents. Found under Fentanyl Education on website. Link also in parental letter.

Scroll down page to first video


Student Video Success 101 Platform

E-Learning Platform

Equipping students with the vital life skills that all successful people use to compete successfully. 

  • Over 200 Videos : Promoting Sold Out Student Life Skills, Fentanyl Education, Alcohol Drug Abstinence, videos updated regularly
  • Student Friendly : Educational, entertaining, and powerful. Short (1-3 minutes), move fast, targeted, high quality
  • Role Model Mirroring : The videos effectively uses role model mirroring through the stories of high impact athletes, coaches, performers, educators, and business champions.
  • Available for classroom settings, after school programs, athletics, homework, come along classroom aids to introduce character and life skills information
  • Counselor Application – 365 a year for staff and students to explore on their personal devices. 


“I took the Sold Out Pledge. I think it’s good to teach kids about drugs to help them watch out for the bad drugs and to not buy medication off of the internet.”


Student , Western Harnett, MS

Sold Out Main Video Links

Fentanyl Education Video 7:00-

Student Introductory Program Video 12:45

Sold Out Student Follow Up Video 3:00

Sold Out Fentanyl PSA (Will be customized to your school district) –

Sold Out Narcan (Naloxone) PSA ( will customize for your school district)

Sold Out Student Success Program (Life Skills)


Sold Out Youth Foundation



Sold Out ‘s mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% intentional interactive online video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. The Sold Out School Program is all about building trust between community, parents, and schools.


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