Sold Out is a comprehensive long term alcohol abstinence program, with a community strategy, partnering with local schools, law enforcement, parents, businesses, and community leaders. A proven video curriculum for educational training alternatives, with the goal of supporting schools ( Middle, High School, Early College, Alternative) athletic programs, and community youth sports programs. We come along side school PE/Health, athletic programs, and provide valuable tools for counseling, and alcohol drug aftercare programs.

The program leverages role model mirroring, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential. The program delivers an intentional interactive student alcohol abstinence challenge, video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. Challenging students to pursue team values, accountability, positive life choices, and success principles. Sold Out utilizes positive role models in the area of sports, entertainment, and education. The program teaches overall fitness, health, and wellness through a groundbreaking video engagement program led by experts in the field of overall student wellness.

Sold Out Youth Foundation



Sold Out ‘s mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% intentional interactive online video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. The Sold Out School Program is all about building trust between community, parents, and schools.


Sold Out Youth Foundation
9 Kingfisher Trail
Southern Shores, NC 27949
Telephone: (910) 431-6483

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